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Herniated and Bulging Discs Treatments-Non-Surgical

Many are confused by exactly what are bulging discs and viable non-surgical treatment options. The more general term is called a herniated disc. Herniated or bulged discs will be an extruded disc, where the disc will actually tear through the tough outer shell and will push into the spinal space. […]

Top Treated Conditions- Do you suffer from….

Top Treated Conditions- Over the past years, we have seen many different injuries treated at Surgical Alternative, but many of them have been returning ailments. We have taken a few minutes to create the top treated injuries by Surgical Alternative. If you have any further questions, please CONTACT US TODAY […]

Sciatica Pain…you have options!

Lower back pain continues to affect millions of Americans each year. Some estimates suggest that 75-85% of all Americans will experience lower back pain during their lifetime. Over the last twenty years, surgery for conditions that cause sciatica pain, a specific type of lower back pain, have risen more than […]

Surgical Alternative Top 10 treated conditions

As our clientele grows, we have noticed that more and more of our newer clients know less about the different conditions we can help with.  Originally, we had two separate blogs showcasing the top ten conditions treated at Surgical Alternative.  This made it difficult for some of our clients to find the […]