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Plantar Fasciitis tips and tricks by Surgical Alternative

Plantar Fascitis Tips and Tricks for treatment We have been encountering more people each day that are complaining of the accompanying symptoms of plantar fasciitis.  This is an injury that occurs when the plantar fascia tendon becomes inflamed or damaged due to wear and tear.  Since this tendon acts as […]

Plantar Fascitis Treatments

Effective plantar fascitis treatments! Didn’t enjoy holiday shopping because your feet just won’t let you?  Is your foot pain robbing the joy out what should be an enjoyable time?  Whether or not you find shopping this time of year  enjoyable you should be able to shop pain free.  It’s no […]

“Avoid surgery. Eradicate Pain.”

Avoid surgery.  Eradicate pain. by Mike Matthew special to The Laker Peggy Boyd, owner of Surgical Alternative, has found a way to end pain without costly and traumatic surgical procedures.  “My work goes far beyond massage therapy,” says Peggy.  “A better term for my work would be structural therapy.” She […]

Top Treated Conditions- Do you suffer from….

Top Treated Conditions- Over the past years, we have seen many different injuries treated at Surgical Alternative, but many of them have been returning ailments. We have taken a few minutes to create the top treated injuries by Surgical Alternative. If you have any further questions, please CONTACT US TODAY […]