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A New lease on Life-Pain Free

At Surgical Alternative our use of cranial structural bodywork has proven to be an effective treatment for many painful conditions. We love to share client stories that may help others that suffer from a similar painful condition and here is one of those examples. A client came in suffering from […]

Specialty Treatments

At Surgical Alternative we are constantly working on complexed cases, looking for new non-surgical treatments to help our clients get out of pain.  Through our years of therapy and constant training of new and innovative techniques used throughout the world, we have had great success with common and severe issues that […]

Surgical Alternative Top 10 treated conditions

As our clientele grows, we have noticed that more and more of our newer clients know less about the different conditions we can help with.  Originally, we had two separate blogs showcasing the top ten conditions treated at Surgical Alternative.  This made it difficult for some of our clients to find the […]

Summertime Swimming – Be Careful of Injury

As the summertime continues to heat up the temperatures nationwide, many of us are retreating to our pools for our fun in the sun.  Many of us swim as we have our entire lives and believe that we are immune to injury while in the pool.  THIS IS NOT TRUE! […]