Why we are not just another deep tissue massage?

Including bulging discs, herniated discs and hiatal herniasI get inquiries from potential clients looking for deep tissue massage.  Sometimes I think that clients have the impression that the deeper the massage the better the results.  You’ve heard the adage “no pain, no gain.”  I am here to tell you that you should expect more from your sessions and your therapist than just depth!  How would you like to experience a session where several evaluative tools are used to assess your total body alignment and the bodywork systematically releases the soft tissue directly affecting your pain, and more! After discussing with your therapist the pain causing condition that brought you in, we perform  a postural analysis to observe how your body is compensating to keep you going. Through postural analysis it is possible to determine which areas of their body are under more strain than others, and which muscle groups are causing this strain. We use kinesiology/ muscle testing before and after to show you which muscles are involved in the collapse and the changes that the cranial/structural work has made to your structure.  Only after a thorough analysis, we finally couple all of this with the slow but deep tissue restructuring body work!  Our therapists are highly trained and specialize in SET Bodywork which prepares us to help and effectively treat conditions ranging from herniated discs, degenerative disk disease, bulging discs  and much more, to helping you recover from that painful sciatica pain or the plantar fasciitis you’ve now been putting up with for months. Once you book your appointment , you are in for lasting changes within your  entire body structure that will have you rehabilitated from pains you thought you had to live with. Managing pain is not acceptable here!  We approach the body as a whole.  We look to address the source of where the pain originated from, not address all the symptoms.  When this is kept at the fore front of your rehabilitation plans we can rehabilitate you from pain, not manage it.   You’ll find yourself resuming life activities you had not fully enjoyed in years!  Contact us regarding your condition.  WE CAN HELP!