CSB Workshops

Cranial Structural Bodywork is a National Board Certified Provider of continuing education for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and  is an affiliate of Surgical Alternative, Inc and Carolina Structural Therapy LLC.  The organization was founded by Peggy Boyd CSET, CCSP, LMT (Surgical Alternative) and Greg Spindler, CSET, LMT  (Carolina Structural Therapy) who have over 40 years combined experience learning, teaching and applying different cranial and bodywork techniques and their effective applications. ” We have spoken with many therapists past  and present that have been exposed to cranial or structural bodywork therapy, only to find the language and techniques difficult to understand. Learn our Cranial Structural Bodywork techniques that are hands-on, interactive, taught in familiar vernacular, easily understood and implemented on your next client. Our classes are designed for therapists still in school and those more advanced. The information and skills learned in this workshop will have you feeling empowered and confident while allowing you to expand your practice by expanding the conditions you can effectively treat. Check out our workshops and schedule!

Cranial Fundamentals for Wellness 1 & 2

Advanced Cranial Strategies 1 & 2

Restoration Of Complications Bodywork Series

Benefits of Adding Cranial To Your Practice