About Us

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Front-of-Office-ResizedA few years out of massage school, Peggy had a growing business and was doing well, but 9/11 changed all that. She knew her passion was helping people who were in pain feel better.  She was introduced to a new therapy that combined deep tissue massages and cranial therapy techniques that is still evolving and finding new ways of helping those in severe and chronic pain called Structural Energetic Therapy.  A girlfriend of hers was going through the SET® training and kept encouraging her to try a workshop and experience the work.  After the first weekend of a 2 weekend workshop, she immediately signed up for the 2 year training, which now is only 1 year. Doing the Structural Body Work has completely opened a whole new world to her practice.  Before Structural Body Work, she considered herself a serious therapist.  She had a neuromuscular and sports massage background.  She could help clients with common aliments but the tough cases would come back in pain. After the Structural Body Work training she felt empowered.  She now had a rhyme and a reason for working the tissues in the order that she did.  She was now trained to look at the structure as a whole. She has had the luxury of learning for the last 8 years working next to the founder, Don, who has helped her hone and perfect her skills.  She has even taken a cadaver class to get a better understanding of the body of how the muscle, bones and organs connect.  It might seem strange but really cool and highly beneficial. Who didn’t like the bodies’ exhibit!

We continue to educate ourselves so that we can do the best possible job for our clients. We take our experiences and take the time to try to educate our clients during their session and show them that sometimes where the pain is showing up is not always the source of where the pain is coming from.  We have been awed and privileged to get an array of clients that have been referred to us.  Many of the clients we see have been in pain for a long time, have been told there was nothing that we can do for you,  have been told their test came back fine, and or been told here are some medications to help manage your pain…good luck.  If you have been suffering with what seems to be weird aches and pains that seemed strange to others, they are not strange here.  With Structural Body Work’s combination of deep tissue massage and cranial/structural techniques and our vast experience, We have been able to cure a variety of conditions, everything from hiatal hernias, bulging discs, herniated discs,  to cluster headaches and nerve entrapment  just to name a few.  It has been a wonderful journey helping people regain hope and resume their lives pain free!