[img src=]580Condition We Effectively Treat
Pain, it's not all in your head.
[img src=]390Our Goal
Rehabilitate your pain
[img src=]380Scoliosis
Painful but treatable at Surgical Alternative
[img src=]390Siatica
Painful but treatable at Surgical Alternative
[img src=]370Surgical Alternative
[img src=]370Surgical Alternative Bathroom- Handicapped Accessible
[img src=]1630Our Address
Surgical Alternative is located at 17886 N. US HWY 41, Lutz.Florida 33549 inside the Heritage Station.
[img src=]1460The Outside Of Our Office
The exterior of office located in Charming Lutz, Florida.
[img src=]1340Our Front Desk
Our front desk is where one of our staff will greet you and get you signed in. Notice the picture in the background. We know that living in daily pain is a long road, but we will walk with you every step of the way across the bridge to living an active life.<br />
[img src=]1350Our Waiting Area
While you wait for our appointment, we invite you to have a seat. Nobody likes to wait; however, we have made the our office as peaceful and relaxing as possible.
[img src=]1090Accessibility
Here at Surgical Alternative, we understand that it isn't always the easiest to get to the places you may need. That is why we have made sure that our facility is fully equipped to assist with the needs of the physically disabled.