Free 30 Minutes- Cranial Structural Massage/Evaluation

Pain FreeOver the last 10 years, we have helped 100’s of people get out of pain and return to a normal active life. One recent article reported, that over 56 million people suffer from back pain alone. Our mission is to help people who suffer from any kind of pain that is related to musculoskeletal issues. Our Cranial Structural Therapy integrates CranioSomatic and Structural Bodywork techniques to provide a complete full body restructuring and balancing program for rehabilitation from acute (pain that resolves more quickly) and chronic pain (pain lasting for long periods of times). Improvements typically result in increased range of motion, improved performance, improved concentration and a reduction in pain and other symptoms. Whether you’re a competitive athlete or simply going about your typical work and recreational activities, our therapy has been proven highly effective in resolving pain related issues with benefits that are usually long lasting. We are happy to offer a Free 30 minute Cranial Structural Massage, for any new clients wanting to experience the amazing benefits of our work. You can also upgrade to a full 60 minutes session for just $40. Click here to schedule online or call us at 813-948-6300 or email us at to schedule your free 30 minute Cranial Structural session. Space is limited and will be fulfilled on a first come basis.

Who can benefit from Cranial Structural Therapy?

Anyone who has aches and pains in muscles or joints
Individuals with headaches/migraines or TMJ problems
People with limited joint range-of-motion
Athletes seeking to improve their performance
Children with coordination delays
Head Injuries
Any age group, from infants to super-seniors
Individuals with scoliosis
People with a functional short leg and/or a tipped and rotated pelvis

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