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ATMA has released five ways massage can improve your health!

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A lot of people still see massage a luxury; however, it can a very important element to your health regime.  The following is a list from the American Massage Therapy Association f five ways that massage therapy can improve your health:

  1. Massage lowers stress.  The physical and emotion pain caused by long term stress can be unbearable.  Massage therapy is a proven treatment for stress and the ailments it can cause, like tension headaches.
  2. Massage increases immune function.  Massage therapy can boost the function of your immune system, according to medical research.  Massage helps to increase the activity of your body’s natural “T Cells”, which help you fight off viruses.
  3. Massage can help boost mental health and well-being.  Research suggest that massage therapy directly effects the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression (all associated with mental health).
  4. Massage can help you manage pain.  Recent research suggest that massage therapy can directly effect your quality of life when relating to pain and pain management.
  5. Massage can improve your overall physical fitness.  All athletes can benefit from regular massage therapy.  Massage therapy has been prove to reduce muscle tension, improve exercise performance, and prevent injuries.

If you have an ailment that you think massage therapy may be able to help you with, please Contact Us!

Here is a link to ATMA’s original article.

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The healing effect of Manual Therapy Protocol for symptoms of Fibromyalgia Syndrome!


Recently, research investigators have been studying the therapeutic effects of  manual therapy protocol on improving with pain and quality of life.  The study measured quality of sleep, function, pressure pain threshold, and depressive symptoms in both men and women and men with fibromyalgia syndrome.

Eighty-nine patients were randomly assigned to experimental or control group, according to an abstract published on www.pubmed.gov. The experimental group (24 female, 21 male) received 5 sessions of manual therapy and the control group (24 female, 21 male) did not receive any intervention.

Pressure pain thresholds (PPT), pain, impact of FMS symptoms, quality of sleep and depressive symptoms were assessed in both groups at baseline and after 48-hours of the last intervention in the experimental group, according to the abstract.

Here are the results:

• Manual therapy protocol was effective for improving pain intensity, widespread pressure pain sensitivity, impact of FMS symptoms, sleep quality and depressive symptoms.

• Gender differences were observed in response to treatment: women and men get similar improvements in quality of sleep and tender point count, whereas women showed a greater reduction in pain and impact of FMS symptoms than men, but men reported higher decreases in depressive symptoms and pressure hypersensitivity than women.

If you would like to read the original article, Click Here.

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Healthy Holiday Recipes

Since the holidays are right around the corner, we are always on the lookout for healthy alternatives for some of the heavier and more indulgent foods that we may eat.  Please feel free to look through some of our favorite recipes that we found and collected for your viewing.

Have a great holiday season everyone!









Yoga for the Holidays!

During the busy times of the year, we tend to disregard our bodies and what our bodies are telling us.  One of the best preventative things you can do while busy this holiday season is Yoga.  We have aligned with one of Tampa Bays Premier Yoga Studios- Sun Yoga!

Some of the primary benefits of yoga include:

  • Increased range of motion
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased blood flow
  • Overall relaxing feeling
  • Low impact –  great for rehab and elderly!

Yoga has many more benefits that range from better heart health to better overall psychological awareness and attitude.

We recommend yoga to any and all of our clients on various skill levels.  By engaging in yoga sessions, we can all feel the benefits and prevent further or future damage!

If you have any questions or would like to speak about yoga, please feel free to CONTACT us today for more information, or you can CONTACT SUN YOGA here!

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder : Symptoms and Signs

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can occur when a person witnesses or experiences a traumatic event. It can affect even the strongest of people. According to the National Mental Health Association, 30% of people who have been directly involved in wars experience PTSD. Approximately 8% of people in the United States will experience post-traumatic stress disorder in their lifetimes. More than 5 million people experience PTSD each year.
Treatment of PTSD has had a wide and varied approach by many of the doctors and therapists around the world.  At Surgical Alternative we work through energetic structural therapy and other methods to naturally release the energy that leads to PTSD.  Most of our treatments are “invasive” in the way that we do not ask the patient to recall points of pain, or traumatic memories.  We simply us our methods identify and allow your body to naturally release the energy that is causing the stress, pain, insomnia and other negative effects of PTSD.
Surgical Alternative is a Tampa Florida based alternative therapy provider specializing in a wide range of bodily ailments such as PTSD, hiatal hernia treatment, energetic therapy, and many other bodily issues.  If you have ANY issues with your body or have any negative effects from past injuries, please CONTACT US today for your evaluation!

CALLING ALL VETERANS! Surgical Alternative is now performing PTSD therapy for FREE!

The team at Surgical Alternative hold our nations service members near and dear to our hearts, but have not yet to date figured out a way to make a difference.  We recently agreed to begin a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder study on Post War Veterans in Tampa Florida.  If you are an active or past service member and would like some relief with your PTSD, please CONTACT US today to discuss what we can do to help ease your pain.  Thank you again to ALL of our service members!

Peyton Manning : Was Another Neck Surgery the Right Decision?

If you are at all a sports fan which many of us are, you have undoubtedly heard about the “Peyton Manning” effect and all of the fanfare that surrounds it. In the past weeks, he has been cleared to return to regular play, been involved in one of the most prolific free agency releases of all time, and pushed out an up and coming star in Tim Tebow to New York into a seemingly backup position.  All of these events stem from the neck surgery that kept Manning out all of last season while his beloved colts were battered by opponents all over the league. I am here to talk about that surgery, its effects, and its risks.

The reward for the surgery is quite simple: use of your neck for the remaining years of your life while maintaining a relative range of motion. My first question lies here. I am sure that Peyton Manning could afford only the best treatment, so why were so many surgeries needed? (3 separate surgeries) The answer lies in the root of the problem, a pinched nerve. Years of wear and tear taking hits from 285 pound monsters had taken its toll. By undergoing two unsuccessful surgeries, not only was he living in pain, but also causing further damage by not allowing for full recovery.

The risks are not as simple as the reward. Peyton Manning underwent what is called a single level anterior fusion, which involves removing an entire disk in your spine, and replacing it with a bone graft. The surgery is performed through an incision in the front of the neck, while a surgeon carefully works around every muscle to get to the disk.  There also runs a great risk by going under with anesthesia and creating a dependency on the pain medications after the surgery itself.

We would like to offer our surgical alternative to this surgery. By using our proprietary brand of therapy, we can ease your pinched nerves removing the need for surgery, down time, pain, and risks that come along with them.

If you have any questions regarding pinched nerves, or any other pain that you would like to overcome, please CONTACT US today or go to www.surgicalalternative.com for more information.

Scar Tissue from Breast Augmentation can cause Capsular Contracture (update)

A month or so ago, I’d recently started working with a woman that was having encapsulation issues after a breast augmentation and lift surgery and want to update everyone on where we are now. We are continuing to work on the one remaining encapsulated breast in order to prevent her having a 4th surgery on that breast.  With her doctors encouragement we did therapy on her 2 times a week for approximately 3-4 weeks.  I say 3-4 weeks because the therapy has now stopped.  We were successfully getting the breast to slowly drop.  The thickness of the anchor cut scar tissue was thinning nicely with each successive appointment.    Progress was slow but the patient would call me after appointments to let me know she was now wearing blouses that she’d not been able to wear since the surgery because of the breast being noticeably off balance with the encapsulation.  Upon our last visit which was at the end of the week, the patient had noticed a painful nodule had popped up on the breast we were working on and pointed it out to me.  Since it was not in the area that I needed to work in we continued to thin out the scar tissue under the breast.  We were happy with the results of the breast thus far and now she would have her follow up appointment with the surgeon at the beginning of the week.    Monday morning I received a call from the woman.  She told me that over the weekend that the nodule was very tender so she’d gone in to see her surgeon.  He gave her antibiotics for the breast but said since she has been such rare and difficult case; he wanted to take no chances and scheduled her for another surgery on her breast.  As you can imagine this is not the way I was hoping the story would end.  The patient was firm in letting me know that even with the outcome; she would not change a thing.  She needed to have that peace of mind that she had done everything she could naturally, first! Surgical Alternative is not against surgery.  Everything has its place.   When natural routes have been responsibly explored and exhausted to that individual’s satisfaction and with a doctor’s guidance then there may come that time when it is necessary.  We just want you to know there are many ailments we can help reverse and cure with our therapy techniques.  These blogs are all about getting the word out that massage can help with the rehabilitation of lesser know ailments like jaw pain, cluster headaches, chest pain, abdominal pain, sacroiliac joint pain, sprained ankle, tendonitis and many more things. 

Massage as Medicine

If any of you have read my blogs or know, you know that I prescribe to the thought of massage as alternative medicine.  A lot of the time when you mention massage people assume relaxation but the truth is most perform more types of therapeutic massage.  Many of the passionate one in our industry including myself have been trying to get better recognition for the many benefits that we provide our clients.  The Wall Street Journal just released an article that is finally starting to shine light on the many benefits of massage.  Massage therapy boosts  immune functions, reduces stress and anxiety, improves  asthma symptoms in children and  as with our type of therapy increases grip strength in carpal tunnel patients while also being able to cure most non-surgically.

Most in our field got involved because they want to help others and believe that there are better methods of treatments than drugs, shots and surgery.  My clients are walking testimonials  for the benefits of massage.  The bigger issues that we face is that most insurance companies only cover a portion of the cost or don’t cover it at all.  It’s not a bad as you may think since massage isn’t like a doctors visit, most cost between $60-$100 an hour.

As the article reads, Don’t Call It Pampering: Massage Wants to be Medicine.  I am appreciative of all our efforts that are made that bring to light, how we can help!  Like other medical professionals, we have to  take continuing education to maintain our licenses ensuring that we are constantly learning new methods to benefit our clients.  I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.


Shin Splints Treatment

The past couple of weeks I’ve seen an increase in people seeking treatment for their shins splints.  This time of year is when the weather is great for spring sports.   It’s also a time when the weekend warriors doing marathons, half marathons, and 5k’s are in full force.
Shin splints are one of those things that I ideally try to take care of in the off season when the athlete is rested and the irritation to the area is not so painful.  I rarely get to see athletes at that phase.  More of the norm is to see the person as they are being hindered from completing their workouts or see them at the point when every step hurts, even when just walking.  Treating shin splints and becoming pain free is a multi step approach along with time to heal.  It involves everything from stretching, icing, and bandaging, all the way to wearing proper shoes, evaluating the surface you are exercising on, and rest.    Many of the people we see are actively in their season and have urgency in needing to resolve the matter.  They do not have the luxury of waiting the 4 to 6 month period it can take to heal  from doing the above mentioned treatment approach.  Let me also mention that some of the people we have helped with shin splints have not been athletes at all.  Some have been those whom put long hours on their feet on hard surfaces.  We usually get a person who can only give us a 1- 2 day window of not working out in their sport.
Our approach to healing is a more direct one.  As part of our sessions, through body reading we visually assess how the body may be collapsing or compensating and contributing to the emphasis of stress to the shins.   Sometimes what we find is that the hips are out of balance or the arch has collapsed.  If this has been going on for a while we find that they are also suffering of other  sports injuries or pain underneath the feet like plantar fasciitis.  We work to release the tightened muscles that are restricting the pelvis and hips from being balanced. This helps the body come out of its collapse and helps the body go more into balance and allows for better body mechanics.  The calves and front of the lower leg musculature is a significant contributor in shin splints when tight.  This is can be due to a lack of stretching, hydration, but more often repetitive use.  We also release scar tissue that can be felt along the front shin area and address all the muscles of the lower leg and foot.  It is through our direct approach that our clients are able to recover in HALF the time of what other therapies currently offer!!!!! If you are suffering with shin splints, plantar fasciitis, or other sports injuries and don’t have the time to wait to get better, give our approach a try.

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