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“Avoid surgery. Eradicate Pain.” by Mike Matthew

Pain FreeAvoid surgery.  Eradicate pain.

by Mike Matthew

special to The Laker

Peggy Boyd, owner of Surgical Alternative, has found a way to end pain without costly and traumatic surgical procedures.  “My work goes far beyond massage therapy,” says Peggy.  “A better term for my work would be structural therapy.”

She graduated from massage therapy school in 1998 and started out doing sports massage.  Her work moved to a whole new level as she began to learn neuromuscular methods.  She saw significant results as she focused on rehabilitative massage.

“I began to see lasting changes in people’s bodies, in their posture and in their attitude toward their daily life,” says Peggy.  “Their quality of life improved as their pain was gone as a result of our work.”

“I want to help people eliminate pain, not just temporarily as is often what happens with standard massage therapy,” says Peggy.  “I want to get to the source of the problem and rehabilitate it.  Then the pain will go away long-term.”

“We want people to know this type of therapy exists,” says Peggy.  “We can help people avoid extreme physical actions like surgery.  This type of therapy also works well in conjunction with other non-invasive therapies like chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, etc.”

The therapy as Surgical Alternative is designed to help people before they need surgery.  They also recognize that sometimes surgery is necessary.  This therapy can help clients recuperate faster, reduce their pain after surgery and help them get back to a normal range of motion pain-free.

“My focus is on rehabilitative work, helping people with injuries, and with those who want to prevent problems,” says Peggy.  “We pride ourselves on educating our clients about their bodies and helping them to see how their routines may be contributing to their painful conditions.”

Repetitive use injuries is a big problem they see all the time.  The therapists at Surgical Alternative help their clients understand where the source of their pain really is coming from.  The cause of their pain is not necessarily where the symptoms show up.

“We take the time to understand our clients lifestyle and work routines which often contribute greatly to their condition,” says Peggy.  “We can reverse many conditions without surgery.”

“Call us and make us explain to you how we can help release your pain,” says Peggy.

“We also see clients who fall between the cracks,” says Peggy.  “The doctor can’t find anything wrong, but the pain is real.  We can help clients find the source of the problem and release the pain long term rather than simply masking it with unnecessary medications.”  An example of this is hip pain.  Many times it is tightened muscles that are keeping a person’s structure out of balance. This improper alignment can cause uneven wearing at the joints resulting in pain.

Surgical Alternative offers packages as well as a monthly maintenance program for those who want to keep their body balanced.  Their typical session is 90 minutes and cost $120.  Peggy has been in business for 12 years and at her current location for a little under 4 years.  They have clients as young as 6 years of age and some well into their 90’s.  “We see everyone from triathletes with plantar fasciitis, to the person whom has lost range of motion and thinks that their body should not feel like this,” says Peggy.

Peggy and her staff want to help people get beyond merely existing and into truly living.

They’re having an open house on Saturday, August 2nd from 10 am to 4 pm.  They will also be celebrating the grand opening of their new store, Upward Spiral, where they’ll be offering products to support health and healing.  They’ll have product samples for you and giveaways too.

Surgical Alternative is located at 17886 N. US Highway 41 in Lutz.  You can reach them by phone at 813-948-6300 or visit their website at www.SurgicalAlternative.com to learn more or schedule an appointment.

Another Great Review for Surgical Alternative! Thanks Charles!

Another Online Review for Surgical Alternative!

While going through the Surgical Alternative Facebook Page last night I happen to find another review! I was so excited I just had to share it with you today!

Pam is a talented and experienced massage therapist. ….really listens to her clients concerns and works to relieve pain. I enjoyed my time there and recommend my family and friends too – Charles

Thank you so much, Charles!  At Surgical Alternative, we strive to take extra measures to relieve both their minds and their painful conditions.

We are also very happy that you recommend us to your friends and family as well.  No matter how fast technology evolves, the best way to get the word out is by word of mouth.

That is why we love reviews and recommendations so much.  The more people who know about us, the more people we can help return to an active lifestyle.  If it was not for our clients, then Surgical Alternative would not be where it is today.

So, if you have a review, please Contact Us.  We would love to here about your experience with us.  You can also place them all over the internet, we have been finding them all over the place.

How Massage Therapy assists with Chronic Neck Pain!

Cnronic Neck Pain relief from Massage Therapy

How Massage Therapy can benefit clients with Chronic Neck Pain!

New Research shows how Massage Therapy can benefit clients suffering from chronic neck pain.  According to the study, chronic neck pain is number eight on the top ten disabilities in the United States and causes over 10 million medical care visits per year.

The study came to the conclusion that multiple 60 minute massage sessions are more effective than fewer or shorter sessions in clients with chronic back pain.  Therapists should recommend the amount of massage to benefit each client.

If you would like to read more information about the research, Click Here!

According to AMTA’s Consumer Survey, 88% of consumers surveyed believe that massage can be effective in reducing pain.

If you would like to read AMTA’s full article, Click Here!

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The health benefits of massage therapy in cancer patients!

Therapeutic massage therapy in cancer patients!

The National Cancer Institute now says over have of their facilities offer massage therapy as part of treatment for their patients.Of coarse this is great for patients going through harsh and difficult treatments, but is it just therapeutic?

Studies have shown that massage decreases anxiety, depression, pain and fatigue.  These benefits can be extremely important to cancer patients, who are not only going through the stress of serious illness but are also having to handle the side effects of the medical treatments they go through; however, there are studies that show more benefits of massage therapy in cancer patients.

In 2007, a study out of Cedars-Sinai Hospital also found that gentle massage also increases cancer fighting lymphocytes.  One of the largest studies came out of Memorial Sloan–Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.  The study measured and reviewed the amount of pain, depression, stress, fatigue, and nausea over 1,200 cancer patients and 12 massage therapists.  After the use of massage, score were cut in half; however, the effects were short term.

If you would like to read more on the effects of massage therapy on cancer patients, Click Here.

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The Surgical Alternative family is growing!

Herniated discs, massage therapy, surgical alternative, massage therapy tampa

One of the most uplifting things about running a business is hearing stories of success in different place about Surgical Alternative.  What we mean by that is, our family is growing.  As the Surgical Alternative family grows, we are finding members stories all over the place.

Last night, while searching through the internet, we found that we had a new review on Yelp.com.

“After six months of going in for shots to relieve pain from my herniated discs, a friend of mine suggested Surgical Alternative and boy am I happy she did.

I was greeted with a very calming and peaceful environment.  Peggy, my therapist, did explain to me that we had to push the pain levels to their limits during therapy in order to feel the full effect, but to let her know when it was to much for me to handle.

As soon as she hit that limit, I told her so and she never went that far again.

After six weeks of therapy, I was able to return to full hours at work, which might I add, I haven’t been able to do for a year and a half.

Thank you so much Surgical Alternative!  You have gained a happy client that I would recommend to all of my friends.” – Kimberly J., Tampa Fl

Thank you so much Kimberly.  We love having you with us and are overwhelmed with how massage therapy and Surgical Alternative have helped you return to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Yes, unfortunately, there are times where we have to interact with very painful areas; however, after a few short weeks, you were able to see results.

We ask you to tell all of your friends and loved ones in chronic pain to seek out all of their options.  Fell free to Contact Us to see if we can be of assistance,

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Proper Bending and Lifting Techniques

Is it really almost time to go in our attics to pull down those seasonal boxes?  Whether you are
preparing to do this or just have straitening you may want to accomplish before your family
and friends arrive, here are a few tips to help keep you from causing yourself back pain:

  • Use your leg muscles to lift/lower your self as opposed to just bending over. Bend at your knees not at your back.
  • Pull in your belly button while lifting. This will help hold your pelvis in the proper position which will minimize strain on the spine. (Maintain this while lifting, carrying, and lowering)
  • Lift close to your body. Your spine is more stable and strong.
  • Know your limit! Carry lighter packages and make more trips.
  • When in doubt ( too heavy or awkward) wait for help. The risk are not worth it and jeopardize setting you back with pain and immobility…. no one wants to make time for that!

We would all like to take a moment and wish everyone a safe and healthy beginning to our holiday seasons!  By following the tips provided above, you can prevent a number of injuries before they even happen.

If you do encounter one of the issues that comes from improper lifting and bending, please CONTACT US today, or SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT to see one of our expert therapists.

Post War Veterans invited for FREE PTSD Treatment

With July 4th passing last week, I was reminded of all of the veterans that have protected our rights as citizens of the United States.  During this month, I will be offering FREE therapy to veterans diagnosed with PTSD.  During your sessions we will be working to help issues such as insomnia, cramping, muscle pain, and other possible injuries due to service.  If you are interested in your FREE treatment, please CONTACT US today to schedule your appointment.

Summertime Swimming – Be Careful of Injury

As the summertime continues to heat up the temperatures nationwide, many of us are retreating to our pools for our fun in the sun.  Many of us swim as we have our entire lives and believe that we are immune to injury while in the pool.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!  Even though swimming is among the most popular low-impact exercises available, there are a few injuries that can and do occur while swimming.  We will be discussing two of the most common in this blog.

Swimmer’s Shoulder

Swimmer’s Shoulder Causes and Symptoms

Swimmer’s Shoulder is caused primarily by overuse or lack of stretching.  Swimmer’s Shoulder includes more than one actual injury.  The first is in your rotator cuff and its impingement.  Impingement is the pressure that the rotator cuff that separates it from the other parts of the shoulder such as your scapula or shoulder blade while the arm is lifted.  This creates incredible discomfort and shoulder instability.  The second injury is located in the bicep, specifically in the tendon where it becomes inflamed and uncomfortable while also creating discomfort below the arm and inside of the shoulder.  Symptoms are burning and pain in the shoulder region wrapping around the arm and seemingly inside the shoulder.

Swimmer’s Shoulder Treatment

At Surgical Alternative, we offer many types of therapy for nerve entrapment, tendon damage, and inflamed tendons.  By using our Structural Energetic Therapy along with our deep tissue massage, we can calm the inflamed tendons and nerves allowing you to relax while your body heals itself from this incredibly painful combination of bicep tendinitis and rotator cuff injury.  If you believe that you suffer from Swimmer’s Shoulder, please contact us today for your evaluation!

Breaststroker’s Knee

Breaststroker’s Knee Causes and Symptoms

Breaststoker’s Knee is caused again by the overuse of tendons and ligaments in the motion of a breaststroker.  By using the motion involved in the breaststroke, or even treading water for that matter put great stress on your knees and hips due to the tension of kicking in the water.  Over time this can evolve into more serious pelvic injuries and even knee and hip replacements.  Symptoms for Breaststroker’s knee and other lower body injuries are apparent in pain in those areas.

Breaststroker’s Knee Treatement

Surgical Alternative can also use our deep tissue massage to relieve some of the inflamed areas and over time, we can allow your body to heal naturally.  With the use of our Structural Energetic Therapy we can also work with you to improve function and mobility of chronically injured joints!  If you believe that you would benefit from pain relief, please CONTACT US today for your evaluation!

Top Ten Treated Conditions by Surgical Alternative (Part 2 of 2)

In this section we will be discussing the top 5 conditions treated by Surgical Alternative.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these conditions, please CONTACT US for more information, or you can SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT through our website, surgicalalternative.com.

Here are the top 5:

5.) TMJ Dysfunction

Known as Temporamandibular Joint Dysfunction, this painful ailment usually has symptoms such as tenderness, or pain in the joint that connects your jaw to your skull.  This is the joint that allows you to chew, talk and yawn amongst other things.  TMJ disorders can be caused by many different things such as grinding your teeth, an accident involving your jaw, or even arthritis.  If you have any pain in your jaw area and would like to find out more, you can CLICK HERE, or you can CONTACT US today for your evaluation!

4.) Sciatica Pain

Your sciatica nerve is a large nerve extending down your lower back, and down to the backs of your legs.  When damage or wear occurs, discomfort and chronic pain are common symptoms to the damage of this nerve.  Some symptoms of sciatica damage may include burning or tingling down your leg, weakness or numbness, constant pain, or even shooting pains that incapacitate you and not allow you to get up from a sitting position.  While usually only affecting one side of the body, sciatica some patients show symptoms on both sides of their bodies.   If you have sciatica pain and would like to relieve yourself from the discomfort, please CONTACT US today for your evaluation, or you can READ MORE ABOUT sciatica pain here.

3.) Bulging/Herniated Disks

Also called a ruptured or slipped disk, this refers to when the soft tissue between your vertebrae called disks encounters a problem.  When you have a herniated disk, it can irritate nearby nerve passages resulting in pain, numbness, and even weakness in an arm or a leg.  Some people do not experience symptoms of a herniated disk, making it a very hard injury to diagnose.  If you are experiencing back pain and believe you may have a herniated disk, please CONTACT US today for your evaluation or READ MORE HERE about your condition.

2.) Migraine Headaches

Though the exact cause of migraine headaches cannot be established, no one can deny the severity of these “showstoppers”.  Migraines tend to be quickly onset with severe pain and debilitating symptoms including numbness, tingling, temporary blindness, and other sensory warnings.  In some cases, medication is prescribed with hopes of treatment, but in many of those situations the medication does little or no good at all.  If you suffer from migraine headaches, please CONTACT US today for an evaluation, or you can READ MORE ABOUT these headaches here. 

The number one condition that we treat at surgical alternative institute is an elusive yet simple condition causing a spectrum of further symptoms that affect your entire body.  Some people get this condition by being in high speed accidents, while others can get this condition by just sleeping.  Some patients live with chronic pain and others come and go.


1.) Neck Pain

Neck pain can be caused by a host of issues ranging from trauma (car accidents, etc.) to just poor posture.  There are some degenerative diseases that will cause the neck pain, but it can also be just a simple muscle strain.  In some cases, the pain can work its way down to the shoulders and even the middle and lower back over time.  With proper treatment, most neck pain can be resolved in little time with little or no effort by the patient.  If you suffer from neck pain and would like relief, please CONTACT US today for your evaluation orREAD MORE HERE about your condition.

Why Use Surgical Alternative – Testimonials and Reviews (Part 1)

In the past months, we have not only grown as an institution, but also have touched many of the lives here in the tampa florida area by our methods of set bodywork, deep tissue massage, and other services.  Once a patient is affected by our services, they in many cases become advocates for those services.  In the next few weeks, we will be releasing testimonials from many of our existing clients so that new or upcoming patients can gain a grasp on what to expect when visiting our offices.

The first Testimonial is Adam Hayes in New Tampa, Florida.  Adam writes:

Since I was six years old, I have suffered from cluster headaches. These are excruciating headaches that are completely debilitating for hours or days. These would occur 5-6 times a year and last for 1-3 days at a time. The worst part is the stress of not knowing when they will appear or when they will disappear.
I have seen dozens of doctors, sat through every neurological test and even had doctors who wanted to perform cortizone injections into the base of my skull to try and alleviate the pain.
After dealing with this issue for over 25 years, I thought it was just an affliction that I’d have to live with forever. A friend of mine recommended that I give SET therapy a chance. I figured it was going to be yet another failed attempt and more money wasted. Boy was I wrong! After seeing Peggy and Pam, I have been relatively cluster free for almost 2 years now. The only time I’ve gotten a headache has been when I’ve gotten lazy and not attended my appointments like I should.
I can’t stress enough how much this has improved my quality of life. There is no more worry, no more stress, no more excruciating pain. Thank you Peggy and Pam!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              – Adam Hayes
If you would like to learn more about our services, and how surgical alternative can help you, please CONTACT US today for your evaluation!
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