Our client’s health is always our top concern at Surgical Alternative.  We are proud to have developed a partnership with CFM Thermography. They will be offering thermography at our office in Lutz. What is thermography? Thermography is an excellent screening tool, currently being recognized as the gold standard for helping women maintain healthy breasts, thyroids, digestion and more…. by monitoring for changes over time. Thermography is a safe, non-contact, noninvasive test that does not damage cells or DNA. HEALTH & FULL BODY SCREENINGS FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN. For more information you click on the links below:

AAPrice List with Descriptions and Why Thermography – CFMT

Women’s Health Screening with Abdomen

Women’s Comprehensive Full Body

What is Thermography by Dr. Joseph Mercola (with hidden coupon code)

Special instructions for your imaging

Men’s Health Screening

Men’s Comprehensive Full Body

Breast Questionnaire

Basic Breast Health

Thermography exams can not be book online, please call our office at 813-948-6300 to book an appointment or request additional information.