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Vitamin D: Essential for Health (1 of 4)

In April of 2003, scientist speaking on behalf of the Human Genome Project announced they had reached their goal. The collaborative efforts of scientist from across the globe had successfully mapped the entire human genome, the DNA sequences that make up Homo sapiens. The research findings gave rise to a […]

H2..Whoa! Water and Hydration Tips for Summer

Most of us learned about waters’ distinct properties in elementary school. The agile molecule exists in all three physical states, (solid, liquid and gas) it’s a universal solvent, and it possesses an uncanny ability to absorb tremendous amounts of heat while at the same time, resisting rapid fluctuations in temperature. […]

Sciatica Pain…you have options!

Lower back pain continues to affect millions of Americans each year. Some estimates suggest that 75-85% of all Americans will experience lower back pain during their lifetime. Over the last twenty years, surgery for conditions that cause sciatica pain, a specific type of lower back pain, have risen more than […]