Peggy Boyd LMT, CSET, CCSP

CEO/Founder/Senior Therapist


Peggy Boyd LMT, CSBE, CSET, CCSP is the founder of Surgical Alternative and Surgical Alternative Institute of Alternative Therapy.  Surgical Alternative, is a rehabilitation clinic that uses Cranial Structural Bodywork techniques to offer a surgical alternative for those in pain. The Institute of Alternative Therapy is a center that provides workshops and certifications in Cranial Structural Bodywork therapies. Our clients come from all ages and demographics with one common issue, pain. Whether it’s migraines, sciatic issues, bulging disk, back and neck pain etc, her organization’s goal is “to return clients back to an active life, pain free.” She has been a licensed therapist since 1998. Her certifications include: Cranial Structural Bodywork Educator, SET therapist (Structural Bodywork) and CranioSomatics (Cranial Structural Integration) Practitioner. Peggy, is a National Certified continuing education instructor in Cranial Structural Bodywork and has trained in Emotional Release Therapy, Fascia and cadaver workshops. “I have dedicated my life to helping those that suffer. I will continue to educate and integrate new techniques into our work to produce the best possible results.” Peggy has a B.S. in Nutrition from Florida State University and is a member of both the American Massage Therapy Association and the Florida State Massage Therapy Association. As her clients would attest, “She’s amazing, the best at what she does” and her passion for helping those in pain ensures everyone receives the best possible treatment.”

“As a former collegiate track athlete, I understand the toll that our past and present life can have on the body. I have dedicated my life to helping athletes perform at optimal levels and help those that live in pain return to an active pain free life. I have taken extensive training including cadaver classes to gain a deep understanding of musculoskeletal dysfunctions and how to resolve them. I am passionate, thankful to love what I do, and continue to find ways to help those in pain.”

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