Unleash Athletic Potential
Our specialized techniques have helped to unleash an athlete’s potential. We have worked on many athletes in the past, but usually after they have finished competing.  By then their bodies had begun to breakdown and they began to feel the aches and pains from all the years of trauma they put on their bodies while competing.  As an ex-athlete, I understand the toll years of training and competing has on the body.  In my past, I have worked on athletes before competitions to help them stretch and warm-up their muscles but have always wanted to measure the impact our cranial release therapy and advanced bodywork sessions can have on improving athletic performance.  I finally got the opportunity.  My old track coach has a daughter that competes in high school and she was having some issues with tight muscles in her abdomen that caused discomfort when she ran. He asked, “Do you think you can help.” As an athlete, the importance of keeping your body and muscles in top condition is vital to your success.  I started by providing cranial therapy to rebalance and release any stuck sutures or jams in the cranium to bring the body into balance and alignment. I finished our session with the our advanced bodywork, which combines specialized massage and structural therapy techniques that allow the body to remain balanced.  The next day at practice she had mentioned being sore, but the pain had almost completely gone away.  Luckily, we had a couple more sessions before her next match.  After a couple more session she mentioned feeling pain free, but what effect would it have on her performance. Well, she called me right after her next match and was super excited. She had beaten her best time by over a second, which in the track world is a major accomplishment.  It proved what I had always believed.  What we do, can impact lives in many different ways and can help to gain that competitive advantage that athletes are looking for.

We feel very fortunate and excited to do what we love to do, help others.  We have been helping our clients in severe pain for almost 25 years. They suffer from painful conditions associated with neck/back pain, headaches/migraines, bulging discs, peripheral nerve damage, nerve entrapments, pinched sciatic nerve issues and many more symptoms that people think they either have to have surgery for or are told they just have to live with the pain.  The reason I started blogging was so that I could reach and help some of those people that suffer from these and many other painful conditions.  At www.surgicalalternative.com we can help!