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A lot of people still see massage a luxury; however, it can a very important element to your health regime.  The following is a list from the American Massage Therapy Association f five ways that massage therapy can improve your health:

  1. Massage lowers stress.  The physical and emotion pain caused by long term stress can be unbearable.  Massage therapy is a proven treatment for stress and the ailments it can cause, like tension headaches.
  2. Massage increases immune function.  Massage therapy can boost the function of your immune system, according to medical research.  Massage helps to increase the activity of your body’s natural “T Cells”, which help you fight off viruses.
  3. Massage can help boost mental health and well-being.  Research suggest that massage therapy directly effects the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression (all associated with mental health).
  4. Massage can help you manage pain.  Recent research suggest that massage therapy can directly effect your quality of life when relating to pain and pain management.
  5. Massage can improve your overall physical fitness.  All athletes can benefit from regular massage therapy.  Massage therapy has been prove to reduce muscle tension, improve exercise performance, and prevent injuries.

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Here is a link to ATMA’s original article.

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