Back pain is an ailment that affects over 80% of the American population some point, leaving many of us with a very difficult choice.  In most cases, back surgery is considered only after all other options have been exhausted by all involved medical staff. I would also like to note that even if you have back surgery, it is not guaranteed to provide improvement. Later in this blog, I will provide you with a Surgical Alternative treatment to naturally recover from your injury, rather than risk health and possibly life to escape your pain.

Many of the risks that are involved with back surgery are based around the surgery itself, while many of the risks are regarding post surgery and how your body recovers. I will separate the risks into these two segments.

Back Surgery Risks

Reaction to anesthesia or other drugs – Each time a patient is administered anesthesia, there is a small risk of long term complications and in rare cases even death.  Another risk factor includes the actual drugs administered to the patient after the surgery. High dosage pain killers are typically prescribed in most back surgeries while the patient recovers from the surgery in an average of 15 months. The highest risk in my opinion would be the dependency of the drugs that are prescribed post surgery.

Blood Related Risks – Since the surgery is an “open body” surgery, there is a constant risk of Bleeding, Infection, Blood Clots, and many other complications.

Further Vital Organ Damage – lists Heart Attacks, and Strokes as a “general risk” of back surgery for many back surgeries like spinal fusion.

Nerve Damage – Since most back surgeries are spine related, there are a series of risks involved, as your spine is the nerve channel for the rest of your body. These issues are listed, but not limited to:

Muscle Weakness/Spasms

Sexual Dysfunction

Loss of Bowel or Bladder Control


At Surgical Alternative, we offer surgical alternatives to back surgery, and other bodily ailments through our innovative techniques and expertise. If you have back pain, or are looking for an alternative to back surgery, please CONTACT US or SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT online today.