Good to Go- Constipation Relief!

deep tissue massage helps constipationOne thing about this job is  that I get pretty intimate with my clients.  I strive to create a space where they feel comfortable to share anything that may help me to maximize the benefits of our sessions.  Sometimes that means talking about something we all hopefully share in common: bowel movements.

A client I have been seeing for a few years recently revealed that beyond the other areas of pain we have been working on, he has never been really, “regular.”  So in his session before last I made sure to address the abdomen.  Even though I have worked in this area before, it had been a while and now that we had this new objective I paid particular attention to releasing restrictions in this area.

I found out when I saw him again last week that the results of that session were monumental.  He felt like he got to let go of a lot of old stuff; and indeed, he did.

A recent study on PubMed reveals that massage can be very beneficial to constipation, and suggests that massage helps the client to learn to relax both physically and emotionally contributing to increased regularity. Our advanced deep tissue massage and cranial structural techniques allow the body to rebalance and relax allowing some of those more uncomfortable restrictions to let go.Our stomach area is one of the most vulnerable parts of our body, housing vital organs upon which our survival depends.

Sometimes our body wants to protect itself, but ends up cutting off the normal physiological function of our bodies.  Even being under constant stress can do this to us.  When we are stressed out our bodies are responding as if we are preparing to fight or flight.  In the instances when we need this, some systems like digestion are shut down to reserve energy for defending or fleeing.  Unfortunately, we have the capability to be stressed about things even when they are not happening and can create a constant depletion of energy for digestion.  Imagine someone you know that you might call a “tight-ass” – do they seem stressed to you?

Stress is not the only cause of constipation, but can be a major contributor.  Relaxation is all about learning to “let go” – sometimes even the simplest human functions are great metaphors for life.

We feel very fortunate and excited to do what we love to do, help others. We have been dealing with clients in severe pain for over 14 years now, that are suffering from herniated discs, bulging discs, hiatal hernias, peripheral nerve damage, nerve entrapments, pinched sciatic nerve issues, degenerative disk disease and many more symptoms that people think they either have to have surgery for or are told they just have to deal with the pain. We use a combination of deep tissues massages and cranial structural techniques to balance and align the body. The reason we started blogging was so that we could reach and help some of those people that suffer from these and many other painful conditions.   Surgical Alternative is now located in Lutz near New Tampa. We proudly service Tampa, St. Petersburg, Land O Lakes, New Port Richey, Wesley Chapel, Trinity and all surrounding areas. Please call today, or schedule your appointment online!