The over 27 bones in your hand and wrist that enable almost miraculous dexterity for one of the most
used parts of our body. Naturally over years of misuse and abuse, there is a risk that:

-Ligaments may loosen

-Meniscus may deteriorate causing bones to rub against one another

-Nerves may begin to become highly sensitive

These factors are causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) and are often felt for day, weeks, or even
chronically over years. When chronically diagnosed, many patients opt for surgery to either repair,
or release pressure on the nerves of the wrist. Though this particular surgery is quite common in the
circumstances, it runs the LOWEST SUCCESS RATE of any non-fatal injury. I would like to take a few
moments to discuss the RISKS and the surgical alternative to carpal tunnel surgery.


  • The Surgery Itself – while under carpal tunnel release surgery, you will be administered twilight
  • anesthesia. The drugs in this concoction cause amnesia while the patient is knocked out.
  • Risks with the anesthesia can be found here. (
  • Cost of Surgery – The cost of the surgeries run anywhere from $5,000 USD all the way up to
  • $10,000 USD
  • Success Rate of Surgery – there is a full recovery rate hovering around 60%, making your odds
  • fair at best for success.
  • Damage during surgery – Not only is it common for people recovering to experience loss of
  • grip, but it is also common for this loss of grip to be permanent! This damage is caused by the
  • severing of the carpal ligament in the wrist to relieve the tension.
  • Surgery is NOT A PERMANENT FIX!

By using our Alternative methods for Surgery, we can work with you to relieve the stress and pressure
from the carpal ligament without surgery. If you are considering carpal tunnel release surgery, please
CONTACT US today to discuss the surgical alternative. By allowing our therapists to naturally fix your
body, you will enjoy the following advantages:

  • No anesthesia or surgery to worry about
  • Cost effective – Our therapy is much more cost effective and full of impact
  • Success Rate – Since we are doing this naturally, the success rate is 100% with time
  • No Downtime – we will continue to work with you to relieve your stress, but there will be no
  • downtime due to surgery.

If you have any interest in learning more about the natural surgical alternative to carpal tunnel
surgery, please CONTACT US today for more information.