baby-picAs a therapist in for over 15 years I have seen my share of interesting cases. A more interesting case, was when a father came in for therapy, seeming more tired than usual.  He told me how since birth, his child woke up on a nightly basis frantically screaming, until a parent came to comfort him back to sleep. Both he and his wife would take shifts of who would sleep and who would do the comforting. He also told me how this had severely limited their lives because the child was usually acting out what he had done earlier that day.  Too much day time excitement and stimulation made the nights much worse. The father gave the example of taking their child to the beach or attending family/friend functions as not being an option for them.  A very interesting detail about this was that the child was never aware that they were doing this.  They only had the awareness of being tired every morning.  I explained to the father how I thought the child could benefit from a cranial decompression and other cranial work that would release pressure on the cranium but also help bring it into balance. I asked the father to bring in the son to experience a cranial work session. Both parents agreed to bring the child in for therapy. The child enjoyed the therapy, was quite inquisitive, and fell asleep during the session.  When the family came for the second appointment the parents told me that 2 days before their 2nd appointment the child slept through the night, for the first time! The parents had grown accustomed to taking shifts for the past 7 years anticipating his waking, but he never did. By the 3rd appointment the parents were happy to report that the son had not woken up again since 2 days before his 2nd appointment.  This nightly disturbance that had taken over their lives, was no longer limiting and governing their lives! No longer waking up tired has allowed this child to become more emotionally balanced, more focused at school, and more themselves! The parents were surprised at all the changes and were grateful for how this has changed all their lives! There are many types of alternative therapy that can help change what people think they have to live with. Check into it and you may be surprised. I’d love to hear any stories you may have.