Cranial Structural BodyworkAt Surgical Alternative our use of cranial structural bodywork has proven to be an effective treatment for many painful conditions. We love to share client stories that may help others that suffer from a similar painful condition and here is one of those examples. A client came in suffering from severe neck and shoulder pain. The neck muscles were so seized or traumatized that it was causing them a constant low grade headache. Their muscles were so tight, that they made her right shoulder draw tight to her body and drop lower than her left shoulder. This can also lead to other painful conditions such as nerve entrapment. The client had been suffering and living with this condition for over 25 years.  Their loss of range of motion in their neck, led to them lose their ability to drive or operate other motorized vehicles.  Which only made a difficult situation more unbearable.

In our first session, I used our cranial structural bodywork techniques to release the strain on the muscles.  After the first session there was an instant increase in their range of motion for her neck and surrounding tissues.Our second session focused mainly on releasing the restrictions around the neck and shoulder areas.  We also explored what restrictions would cause the arm to hold so tightly to the body. In my 15 years, treating clients of all ages in demographics , I have come to find that problems like these can be as much mental or emotional than physical. I continued with the structural bodywork techniques to release the muscles that went into the ribs and around the rotator cuff.  After the second session, the client had regained blood vessels and circulation in the wrist area of their right arm.  Blood flow had returned to a bone in wrist that had recently been diagnosed as a dying bone!! The client had not mentioned this to me because they had thought there was nothing anyone could do about it, outside of surgery.

It has now been 2 ½ months and the veins in their right wrist are as beautiful as ever!  Their neck is maintaining its improved range of motion, even though we still have a ways to go.  The best news to for me is they now drive themselves to their appointments! How Awesome!!  I have been dealing with clients who have suffered severe pain for years from bulging discs, neck/back pain, peripheral nerve damage, headaches/Migraines, sciatic nerve issues and many more symptoms that people think they either have to have surgery for.  For additional information check out our Top 10 Treated Conditions and Testimonials. At Surgical Alternative we can help!