Emotional Energetic Release Therapy- It really helps

After people visit Surgical Alternative for the first time they discover we are definitely not like everyone else.  We strive to handles all aspects of the body and mind that is why we now have a chiropractor and other types of alternative therapy at Surgical Alternative.  One of our best kept secrets is the benefits of emotional release therapy.

Stress and trauma is stored throughout the body and emotional stress can have dramatic influences over the body.   I have seen where emotional stress or fatigue can start to the body to tighten the muscle causing the body to curl like laying in the fetal position.  Many have experienced tightness in the chest or shoulder caused by stress and if not released can build up and cause other symptoms that effect the body.

Ok So What Is IT?

The process begins with deep, rhythmic breathing to build a charge of energy in the client’s body. When the charge has built it will move stuck emotional energy out from behind the chronically tightened musculature to be expressed. The safe setting provided by our therapists’ comforts and supports the client’s release of emotional energy. Throughout the process the therapist has the client continue breathing until the charge dissipates, and any emotional energy that has been mobilized can release.

What Clients Say?

For many, the first time is the most dramatic mainly because of the apprehension of what is about to happen.  The experience varies for everyone depending on what the body releases. Afterwards most feel very relaxed but drained.  If you have never experienced an emotional release is can be tiring.  Others have said that it changed the lives, in their attitude and the way they approach life, much more positively.  You don’t have to worry; similar techniques are used when meditating.  If you are stressed or emotional stuck, please give us a call or schedule an appointment today.