On Friday of last week I had the pleasure of visiting a local country club for a tournament that they
were hosting for charity. During the event, I watched a lot of both men and women struggling to grasp
the mastery of the world’s oldest sport. As they hacked and prodded, I was paying attention to their
grips and how the grip affects the elbow as they swung. Most amateur golfers are happy with a round
between 80-100 shots. Most golfers also practice swing at least one time before each shot, bringing the
total amount of swings to somewhere in the 200 range. You can imagine that those elbows are working
hard each time you play.

Golfer’s elbow is caused by stress on the tendons that hold your elbow together by extended use.
Golfer’s elbow is also referred to as:

Tennis Elbow

Pitchers Elbow

Climbers Elbow

Little League Elbow

The medical term is Epicondylitis, which in most cases gradually onsets, and usually becomes persistent
before patients seek care.

By using our therapy and vast knowledge of the human tendon system, Surgical Alternative can relieve
the pain that is caused by your swing! By using our deep tissue massage and SET Therapy, we will
work with you to loosen the tendons and lower the inflammation to ultimately speed up the recovery

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