Healing with Heat, Part 2

Heat is an amazing therapeutic tool that sometimes gets overlooked because of its own simplicity. Though heat may not relieve long term pain permanently, it can provide temporary relief and is really very easy to do.

Providing heat to an area of pain will help to lengthen and relax over tight muscles, improve circulation, and reduce muscle spasms.  The increase in blood flow allows the cells to receive nutrients and exchange their waste materials, allowing tissues to repair where damaged.  Plus, as I mentioned in the last post, it feels comforting.  As someone who practices therapeutic bodywork, I know that just feeling safe, supported, and cared for is sometimes enough to let our body heal itself.

At home, heat therapy can be as simple as drawing a bath; use some epsom salt for additional release of toxins from your body.  Or you can heat up a rice sock or one of our Mother Earth Pillows, sold here in the office.

When using heat, always remember to be MINDFUL OF TEMPERATURE.  Never put a hot pack directly on your skin, and always test out the water before getting in.  There is no use in burning while trying to feel better.

If you’d like to learn more about how to use both hot and cold therapy for pain relief, be sure to come to my talk at 11:30am at our Grand Opening here at Surgical Alternative on December 10th.

As an advanced deep tissue massage therapist in Tampa, I believe in helping people who live with chronic pain to learn how to also help themselves. Though our SET Bodywork ( a combination of advanced deep tissue massage and cranial structural techniques)is highly effective for many conditions such as herniated discs, bulging dics, scoliosis, plantar fascitis, heal spurs, myofascial relief and more, the therapist and the client are a team.  I can’t be with my clients all the time, but I can help them learn what they can do for themselves in between sessions.  That’s empowerment.

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