My Alaska Family receives effective treatment for Hiatal Hernias without Surgery!

One late summer my office received a call from a couple in Alaska inquiring about hiatal hernias.  The husband informed us that both he and his wife had been suffering from abdominal pain for quite some time, which they believed was contributing to their stomach disorders.  More specifically they’d been experiencing acid reflux and were interested in seeking out a more natural but lasting remedy.  They thoroughly searched the internet leading them to me and my work, which was surprising considering how little presence I had on the web at the time. Goes to show you the links people who suffer from hiatal hernias or those that are in constant pain will go through to find relief.   I explained how the specialized therapy I use called, SET body work, addresses this condition.  How I align the body and take out the structural core distortion collapse that contributes to 90% of all pains in the body.  Then I use a combination of deep tissue massage techniques to release the tissues in the muscles allowing the body to be more structurally upright reducing the stress on the diaphragm.  I explained to them how this session would need to be repeated along with other deep tissue work that would continue to bring the rest of the body into align and provide proper support.  They were excited about our previous successes in rehabilitating hiatal hernias and were relieved to find out there were alternative approaches available.   The next thing I knew their family of five were air bound for Tampa!

The family arrived safely and stayed for 3 weeks.  The wife’s case was more severe than the husband. The tightness of her muscles from her hiatal hernia was causing here severe abdominal pain and a stomach disorder including acid reflux.  I saw each of them every 3 days and we managed to make great headway with the husband.  The wife saw good progress but additional sessions were needed to completely release the restrictions. I would have liked to have seen them more often but due to the nature of my work and the depth in which the deep tissue massage techniques I use penetrate the tissues, there is often some minor bruising and soreness that needs a couple days to recover.  In a relatively short period of time, they saw marked improvement in their posture, a decrease in tension on their neck and shoulder areas and significant improvement in breathing while also experiencing a decrease in food sensitivities and reflux!  At the end of their 3 weeks they were extremely pleased with the progress they had all made and felt that with a few more sessions the wife would also be freed of her symptoms.  On their last day here they extended me an invitation to come to Alaska and finish their therapy!!!!!!  It was more cost effective to have me come to them then to maintain a family of 5 at a hotel here. I could not believe my ears I nearly passed out from excitement!!!  Alaska was a place that my husband and I had planned on going to as soon as we could but I could not believe I would now be on my way, woo hoo!  That March I flew out to Homer, Alaska and stayed with their current therapist, whom was also starting the specialized SET training, I had completed years back and saw the family for 4 more sessions each.  By the end of my stay the mom was now no longer experiencing any symptoms!  I was extremely grateful that they had been in a position to have me come out and complete their therapy sessions leaving them pain free.  The day before I left they made a celebration dinner for me as a sign of their gratitude.  What an honor, especially since they grew 90% of their food organically and lived on an amazing property!  See for yourself!  Once again the moral of the story is please don’t just live in pain.  Call me; I’d love to answer any questions you may have.