In the past couple of days, I have noticed that we have all gone through a great loss with the passing of Junior Seau.  Seau was found in his San Diego home on Wednesday dead from gunshot wounds to his chest.  The police are investigating his death as a suicide, but there are a lot of unanswered questions.  To friends and family, Junior was always an upbeat leader with not a lot of issues.
   Throughout his career, Junior Seau endured a NUMBER of concussions and head injuries due to his position at Linebacker.  Though he never showed any signs of post-concussion disorder, which causes depression along with many other degenerative disorders.  No one can say for sure why this seemingly happy man would do something so drastic with no type of hint as to what was going on, but my guess is in the concussions, and how it effected Seau’s brain.
   Surgical Alternative has been using our cranial release therapy to aide athletes with concussions from these issues.  By using our therapy not only can we help these issues, but we can also repair most of all of the damage done to the brain by these concussion related contact sports.(football, lacrosse, baseball, basketball)  Our Cranial Release Therapy has a long track record of success, and the proof is in the pudding, as you will feel better, and will be pain free of the symptoms that are related to this tragedy in San Diego.
   If you have endured a concussion and would like to discuss your situation, please CONTACT US today for your free evaluation.  It is never too late to feel better.
   We will be updating this situation in more depth once the study is done on Junior Seau’s brain in Boston.  Once we know if the cause of his situation lies in the brain, we will be able to discuss what the findings mean, and how we can all learn from them.