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Lymph Drainage Therapy

The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system.  It is a secondary pathway to the heart, parallel to the venous system.  It moves fluids through the body and returns it to the circulatory system.  The lymphatic circulation has a slow rhythm, as compared to blood circulation.  The lymphatic system […]

Why live with back pain? Alternative therapy benefits

Weekend warriors and people living an active lifestyle that has recently been disrupted by pain as well as those of you that have jobs / hobbies that have you doing repetitive actions for extended periods of time fall in this category too.  Why are you putting up with these pains?  […]

My Alaska Family receives effective treatment for Hiatal Hernias without Surgery!

One late summer my office received a call from a couple in Alaska inquiring about hiatal hernias.  The husband informed us that both he and his wife had been suffering from abdominal pain for quite some time, which they believed was contributing to their stomach disorders.  More specifically they’d been […]