Surgical Alternative- Treatments for PainOur clients come from all demographics and social economic backgrounds, all with the same issue, PAIN!  We understand the pain is real and can at times be debilitating. You’ve probably gone to a doctor, only to be prescribed something for your pain. The main issue is that, pain doesn’t just go away. We maybe able to mask the pain or feel better for a day or two, but the pain comes back. The body is a very complex structures made of muscles, bones and nerves. When your muscles are tight or degenerated, they allow the body to become unbalanced or out of alignment. These issues can cause the body to shift and come in contact with nerves they normally they wouldn’t. This may cause different pains to radiate throughout the body, making it seem as if the pain is coming from different places every time. These are sometimes referred to as phantom pains. At Surgical Alternative, our goals is to find our the source of the pain and help bring the body into balance and alignment. If you are in pain or suffer from any of these conditions and have been told, “It’s all in Your Head.” We are here to help, because it’s not to us.