Pain FreeOne thing that seems to come up quite frequently is what aches and pains clients think they have to live with.  Some aches and pains diagnosed and some self diagnosed.  It is not unusual for clients to report at their follow up appointments that they  can’t believe how much better they feel.   These clients  have done everything their doctor/specialist/ PT told them to do and it helped but they are still with pain.  I am talking about those everyday pains like a sore neck, sore back, headaches, chronic shoulder pain, hip pain,  sports injuries, or muscle strain from car accidents and more.  I remember a client saying over and over in his session  how in disbelief he was that his shoulder muscle pain and numbness to both arms and hands he was experiencing was just about completely gone. He had been urged by his family to come and have a session.  But he never thought that cranial structural bodywork work would get him this kind of relief.  Within a matter of just a few sessions this clients life went from eating ibuprofen daily, having daily numbness in the neck/ shoulders down to both arms/hands when driving, and chronic headaches to coming in for preventative work every other month or two.