Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can occur when a person witnesses or experiences a traumatic event. It can affect even the strongest of people. According to the National Mental Health Association, 30% of people who have been directly involved in wars experience PTSD. Approximately 8% of people in the United States will experience post-traumatic stress disorder in their lifetimes. More than 5 million people experience PTSD each year.
Treatment of PTSD has had a wide and varied approach by many of the doctors and therapists around the world.  At Surgical Alternative we work through energetic structural therapy and other methods to naturally release the energy that leads to PTSD.  Most of our treatments are “invasive” in the way that we do not ask the patient to recall points of pain, or traumatic memories.  We simply us our methods identify and allow your body to naturally release the energy that is causing the stress, pain, insomnia and other negative effects of PTSD.
Surgical Alternative is a Tampa Florida based alternative therapy provider specializing in a wide range of bodily ailments such as PTSD, hiatal hernia treatment, energetic therapy, and many other bodily issues.  If you have ANY issues with your body or have any negative effects from past injuries, please CONTACT US today for your evaluation!