Marathon Preparation with Massage Therapy at  Surgical Alternative of Tampa Bay!

Reaching the with help from Surgical Alternative, Massage Therapy of Tampa Bay!

Surgical Alternative helping athletes with massage therapy in Tampa Bay!

While searching through the Internet, I have found another great review.  This one comes from Brad on Facebook.



I saw Pam a few days before my first marathon and she helped me make sure my leg muscles were stretched properly. Thank you Pam!
I highly recommend you scheduling an appointment with Pam before and after high impact races or sporting activities. – Brad

That is what we love to hear.  Here at Surgical Alternative, Massage Therapy of Tampa Bay, we love that our work helps our clients stay active and live a fulling life.

Thank you Brad for the great review and recommending us to other athletes.  We enjoy what we do; however, we love when we see the benefits of massage therapy in our clients lives.

If you are are an athlete in Tampa Bay, suffer from chronic pain, and feel that massage therapy could help you, Please visit the Contact Us page of the Surgical Alternative website.