When I first met with Tricia, I knew she had been put through so many different medical procedures that all she wanted was some relieve.  The pain was so unbearable, that she had issues walking or even just standing.  I knew that not only could we help her release her from the pain, but we would get her to her normal activity level in no time at all.  The following is Tricia’s side of the story.

Ten Months Ago, I was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis on my left foot.  In an effort to heal the injury, I pursued the advice and therapies of podiatrists, an orthopedic, a physical therapist and chiropractors.  After unsuccessful treatment attempts via Cortisone shots, rounds of ultrasounds and muscle stim, electo-shock therapy, anti-inflammatories, orthotics etc., my final resort seemed to be plantar facial release surgery.  I knew that I didn’t want to have surgery.  My friend suggested I try Peggy.  Approximately 9 weeks ago, I “hobbled” into her office.  My goal was to walk with less pain.  My dream was to run again.  As an avid runner, this injury took away my favorite hobby. On our first visit, I explained to Peggy that my pain level was about a 9 as I tried to walk. I couldn’t even stand on my left foot at that time. Peggy worked on my core muscles as she explained that my hip alignment could be a factor in my injury. At that point, I was hoping anything would work to alleviate my pain.  The week following my first session, I had some slight relief. Fast forward about four sessions, I was walking fairly pain free and attempted to run again. At that time, I felt like Peggy’s therapy was like magic! I couldn’t believe my progress. After eight sessions with Peggy, I am walking pain free and running again! It is truly a gift.  She has given me an important piece of my life back…running! In fact, I am up to a 60 minute run on any given day.  I am now entertaining the thought of doing some racing again. It is truly remarkable. Peggy told me on the first visit that I would run again and she was right! I am truly grateful to her for giving me my life back! She is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and confident. Her confidence that I would improve helped me to commit to the eight sessions.  I feel at times that I have to pinch myself…I cannot believe that I am at this point. In my health partnership with her, I am nearly 100%!  Tricia (Tarpon Springs, FL)