Scar Tissue from Breast Implants cause Capsular Contracture- We can help!

Through the use a combination of deep tissue massage and other advanced therapy techniques we were able to help. I  was contacted by a woman whom  recently underwent a breast lift with implants.  Soon After her surgery she noticed that the breast were hardening.  She contacted her doctor and they told that her breast maybe forming scar tissue around the implants making what is called a capsular contracture.  To her displeasure her implants became oddly positioned.   She told me she’d undergone a revision  surgery to release the encapsulation of both her breast.  After a matter of weeks, this woman realized that the surgery had taken for one of the two breast.  One breast began to have a natural fall to it while the other stayed rounded at the top, extremely firm, and pulled her arm when she moved  the  arm to shoulder height or above.  This person just happened to be friends with me but did not think of me when it came to this specific situation.  She was just venting to a girlfriend.  I told her of the other women with varying breast situations and how I was able to get them satisfying results.

With her surgeons full knowledge but skepticism, she postponed her surgery by a month in the hopes of us releasing the tissues by her next appt to schedule her second revision surgery for the remaining encapsulated breast.  We made an aggressive schedule for bodywork 2 x week for that entire month.  The bodywork was done in a manor to release the pulling to the arm, soften the overall breast, and address the top the breast first.  In this week’s sessions I’ve been thinning out the thickened scar tissue along the incisions along the bottom of the breast, the anchor cut area.  At this weeks appointment the woman let me know that her doctor was very happy with her preliminary results.  The one remaining encapsulated breast was dropping and had softened.  He asked her to have me focus along the incision area and felt that if this area could have a decrease in thickness that the breast would most likely continue to drop and she could quite possibly not need yet another surgery.

Check back to find out how this story turns out!  If you are suffering with scar tissue limiting your range of motion or your ability to be pain free from old sports injuries, carpal tunnel surgery, a shoulder condition, or anything else, contact us or schedule an appointment to see how we can help your condition!