Scar Tissue from Breast Augmentation can cause Capsular Contracture (update)

A month or so ago, I’d recently started working with a woman that was having encapsulation issues after a breast augmentation and lift surgery and want to update everyone on where we are now. We are continuing to work on the one remaining encapsulated breast in order to prevent her having a 4th surgery on that breast.  With her doctors encouragement we did therapy on her 2 times a week for approximately 3-4 weeks.  I say 3-4 weeks because the therapy has now stopped.  We were successfully getting the breast to slowly drop.  The thickness of the anchor cut scar tissue was thinning nicely with each successive appointment.    Progress was slow but the patient would call me after appointments to let me know she was now wearing blouses that she’d not been able to wear since the surgery because of the breast being noticeably off balance with the encapsulation.  Upon our last visit which was at the end of the week, the patient had noticed a painful nodule had popped up on the breast we were working on and pointed it out to me.  Since it was not in the area that I needed to work in we continued to thin out the scar tissue under the breast.  We were happy with the results of the breast thus far and now she would have her follow up appointment with the surgeon at the beginning of the week.    Monday morning I received a call from the woman.  She told me that over the weekend that the nodule was very tender so she’d gone in to see her surgeon.  He gave her antibiotics for the breast but said since she has been such rare and difficult case; he wanted to take no chances and scheduled her for another surgery on her breast.  As you can imagine this is not the way I was hoping the story would end.  The patient was firm in letting me know that even with the outcome; she would not change a thing.  She needed to have that peace of mind that she had done everything she could naturally, first! Surgical Alternative is not against surgery.  Everything has its place.   When natural routes have been responsibly explored and exhausted to that individual’s satisfaction and with a doctor’s guidance then there may come that time when it is necessary.  We just want you to know there are many ailments we can help reverse and cure with our therapy techniques.  These blogs are all about getting the word out that massage can help with the rehabilitation of lesser know ailments like jaw pain, cluster headaches, chest pain, abdominal pain, sacroiliac joint pain, sprained ankle, tendonitis and many more things.