As the summertime continues to heat up the temperatures nationwide, many of us are retreating to our pools for our fun in the sun.  Many of us swim as we have our entire lives and believe that we are immune to injury while in the pool.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!  Even though swimming is among the most popular low-impact exercises available, there are a few injuries that can and do occur while swimming.  We will be discussing two of the most common in this blog.

Swimmer’s Shoulder

Swimmer’s Shoulder Causes and Symptoms

Swimmer’s Shoulder is caused primarily by overuse or lack of stretching.  Swimmer’s Shoulder includes more than one actual injury.  The first is in your rotator cuff and its impingement.  Impingement is the pressure that the rotator cuff that separates it from the other parts of the shoulder such as your scapula or shoulder blade while the arm is lifted.  This creates incredible discomfort and shoulder instability.  The second injury is located in the bicep, specifically in the tendon where it becomes inflamed and uncomfortable while also creating discomfort below the arm and inside of the shoulder.  Symptoms are burning and pain in the shoulder region wrapping around the arm and seemingly inside the shoulder.

Swimmer’s Shoulder Treatment

At Surgical Alternative, we offer many types of therapy for nerve entrapment, tendon damage, and inflamed tendons.  By using our Structural Energetic Therapy along with our deep tissue massage, we can calm the inflamed tendons and nerves allowing you to relax while your body heals itself from this incredibly painful combination of bicep tendinitis and rotator cuff injury.  If you believe that you suffer from Swimmer’s Shoulder, please contact us today for your evaluation!

Breaststroker’s Knee

Breaststroker’s Knee Causes and Symptoms

Breaststoker’s Knee is caused again by the overuse of tendons and ligaments in the motion of a breaststroker.  By using the motion involved in the breaststroke, or even treading water for that matter put great stress on your knees and hips due to the tension of kicking in the water.  Over time this can evolve into more serious pelvic injuries and even knee and hip replacements.  Symptoms for Breaststroker’s knee and other lower body injuries are apparent in pain in those areas.

Breaststroker’s Knee Treatement

Surgical Alternative can also use our deep tissue massage to relieve some of the inflamed areas and over time, we can allow your body to heal naturally.  With the use of our Structural Energetic Therapy we can also work with you to improve function and mobility of chronically injured joints!  If you believe that you would benefit from pain relief, please CONTACT US today for your evaluation!