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One of the most uplifting things about running a business is hearing stories of success in different place about Surgical Alternative.  What we mean by that is, our family is growing.  As the Surgical Alternative family grows, we are finding members stories all over the place.

Last night, while searching through the internet, we found that we had a new review on Yelp.com.

“After six months of going in for shots to relieve pain from my herniated discs, a friend of mine suggested Surgical Alternative and boy am I happy she did.

I was greeted with a very calming and peaceful environment.  Peggy, my therapist, did explain to me that we had to push the pain levels to their limits during therapy in order to feel the full effect, but to let her know when it was to much for me to handle.

As soon as she hit that limit, I told her so and she never went that far again.

After six weeks of therapy, I was able to return to full hours at work, which might I add, I haven’t been able to do for a year and a half.

Thank you so much Surgical Alternative!  You have gained a happy client that I would recommend to all of my friends.” – Kimberly J., Tampa Fl

Thank you so much Kimberly.  We love having you with us and are overwhelmed with how massage therapy and Surgical Alternative have helped you return to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Yes, unfortunately, there are times where we have to interact with very painful areas; however, after a few short weeks, you were able to see results.

We ask you to tell all of your friends and loved ones in chronic pain to seek out all of their options.  Fell free to Contact Us to see if we can be of assistance,

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