Massage BenefitsAt Surgical Alternative our main goal is to rehabilitate your pain. People come see us for many different reasons. A lot of times, we’re the last option because they’ve done all the traditional western medicine they know to do.  When their condition first started they stretched, they iced and took it easy for a little while, but still things persisted.  They saw their doctor, were evaluated, had x-rays, MRIs, or cat scans and were told nothing was evident. They were just given a prescription for pain meds and anti-inflammatory and sent on their way.  Some were even offered steroid injections that temporarily fixed the situation but did not offer long term relief.  Many were not satisfied with their fix and felt that they should not feel this way at their age or were told it was all in their head because their films came back clean but yet they were still in pain.  Most people come here because they were told by a friend, family member, neighbor or stranger that they knew of someone that could help.  We often call our office the “place of last resort”.  People have often given up hope by the time they make it here.  When they come for their appointment armed with their reports, films, and evaluations, they are so relieved to hear that their strange aches and pains that have been limiting their lives does not sound strange to us.  As a matter of fact they are the same symptoms that are common place and seen routinely at our office.  There is a combination of hesitancy, disbelief, and relief that we see them experience.  After all, many of them have gone through exhausting efforts and treatment to try and feel better.  It really hurts me to hear what they have been living/existing with and how they are suffering just to make it day to day.  After explaining what we do and how it can help, I begin to see a glimmer hope and relief washes over them.  It’s not uncommon for tears of relief to be shed or for them to have an emotional release because of what they have been living with and going though. I explain how the body can manifest pain, the underlying conditions for this pain and why I know we can help.  We do what we do because of the compassion we have for what people are suffering or existing with.  Our work is able to help so many get out of pain and return to a normal life. We aren’t talking about managing but truly rehabilitating their pain. Over the course of your life, the body goes through many traumas while playing sports, working, car accidents, or other daily activities. I think everyone can remember all the things we did to our bodies as children and growing up.  As we get older some of these traumas manifest themselves through the body and can cause severe pain.  A good example is my husband, who played football, basketball and soccer the majority of his life and as he got older his back and ankle muscles would cause intense pain.  Thankfully, I knew how to fix him:) I am one of the lucky ones, I love what I do and I enjoy restoring hope. We have over 40 years worth of applied practice at Surgical Alternative in dealing with clients in severe pain, that suffer from herniated discs, bulging discs, back,shoulder,leg or arm pain, nerve damage, migraines, headaches,nerve entrapments, sciatic nerve issues and many more symptoms that people think they need surgery or have to live with. The reason I started blogging was so that I could reach and help some of those people that suffer from these and many other painful conditions.  At we can help!