In our next installment, we will be hearing from Barbara in Tampa.  She writes of our Pam Mann.  In the second part, we will be hearing from another anonymous patient of Surgical Alternative Institute.

Barbara writes:
Before I started seeing Pam, I had to ice my neck and shoulder twice daily.  Many daily tasks caused me pain.  After one year of massage therapy, I no longer have any restrictions and am even able to work out at the gym.

Anonymous writes:

A few years ago, I injured my left shoulder while working out. After months of physical therapy and multiple pain relief injections, the problem was still occurring. Any time I move my arm above my chest, the shoulder hurt. It was affecting my quality of life. I could no longer work out, play golf or even do regular maintenance around the house without having pain.
The orthopedist wanted to go in and resect a part of my collar bone (yes, they wanted to cut off a hunk of bone!). I was really against this procedure and knew that there had to be an alternative.
Pam came to my rescue. After reviewing my body, she saw that due to the injury the muscles in my shoulder had basically seized up and they were holding the bones in an position that made them grind together. After multiple intensive sessions, the muscles around my head, neck and shoulders gave in and allowed the bones to fall back into proper alignment. The re-established the proper spacing between the bones and alleviated all of the pain. I am now back to the pain free life that I had before the injury!
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