Texting Thumb- More common than you think!

Almost everyone is using cellular phones and laptops on a continuous basis.  Even though these devices help us to create efficiency and speed in our communications, they also come with their own hazards.

About a month ago, I started to notice a lingering pain in my thumb.  I didn’t remember hurting it while working so I started to pay attention to how I was using it.  After a couple of days it clicked.  I was starting to develop “Texting Thumb” – a painful condition from overuse in repetitive movements while using technological devises like phones and computers.

Ten years ago, there was almost an epidemic of carpel tunnel pain.  Every pain relief clinic specialized in treatments for carpel tunnel.  This was because of the increasing use of computers at work with many people using a computer for most or all of their work day.  Now, this fad has died off a bit and more specific conditions like thumb pain from texting or the use of a laptop mouse pain are starting to emerge.

The good part is, we know exactly how to treat it.  Instead of massaging the area of pain and doing general work on the arm, I know that to fully release the contracted tissue causing the pain, I need to also release the shoulder and arm systematically.  Our myofasical release work with SET Bodywork, allows the tissues to let go of the habitual patterns they have formed through use.  There is a ripple effect down the arm as these tissues release and sometimes when we get down work specifically in the area of pain, the thumb for example, the releases prior have already initiated the release of the painful area before we even touch it.

Whether you suffer from neck pain, shoulder pain, frozen shoulder syndrome, tennis elbow, or other repetitive movement injuries, know that relief is possible. Being painfree means being more productive, because who cares about doing a good job when you are just waiting to go home. Bodywork may be the key to success. Or at least, what keeps us on good terms with our machines.

As an advanced deep tissue massage therapist in Tampa, I believe in helping people who live with chronic pain to learn how to also help themselves. Though our SET Bodywork ( a combination of advanced deep tissue massage and cranial structural techniques)is highly effective for many conditions such as herniated discs, bulging dics, scoliosis, plantar fascitis, heal spurs, myofascial relief and more, the therapist and the client are a team.

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