Unnecessary Surgery- Surgical Alternative

Unnecessary SurgeryUnnecessary surgery has had considerable debate and some outlandish accusation in recent years.  I often get asked why I’m still so passionate about what I do after 15 years.  One of the biggest reasons is to give people a surgical alternative.  According to the Harvard school of Public Health, the unwarranted or unnecessary surgeries could be as high as 30% in the United States.  The most common reason for unnecessary surgery is the uncertainty of the physician about the effectiveness of an operation.  We are blessed to live in a time where we have access to so much information and can research the information given to find alternative methods to heal themselves.  A lot of my new clients have the same concerns that you, my husband and friends have.  If this is so effective at relieving pain, why I haven’t heard of it and secondly how effective is it.  One of the main reasons you may not have heard about it, is simply money and marketing.  Until the internet, alternative therapies were mainly just word of mouth and most traveled within the same circles.  But now we have access to other types of alternative therapies that many are use to.  Look at the amount of vitamins and supplements we now take.

I have always been fascinated with the body and its ability to heal itself and though unnecessary surgery we limit that ability.  As we become more educated about our bodies and how to better take care of them, I hope alternative therapy becomes a viable option and not just an afterthought or a last chance.  Our techniques, like those in the medical fields, continue to evolve to find new way to heal the body using a non-surgical approach.

Through the use of our cranial structural and advanced deep tissue massage techniques we provide effective non-surgical treatments for carpal tunnel, hiatal hernias, bulging discs, sciatica (sciatic pain), plantar fasciitis and much more. Surgical Alternative is now located in Lutz near New Tampa. We proudly service Tampa, St. Petersburg, Land O Lakes, New Port Richey, Wesley Chapel, Trinity and all surrounding areas. If you are in pain or just need a decompression session, please call today, or schedule your appointment online!