Vitamin DOver the past month or so, we’ve touched on the importance of the steroidal hormone, vitamin D. We discussed the epigenetic role vitamin D plays in regulating potentially thousands of genes, catalyzing chemical reactions important in preventing certain cancers, maintaining healthy neurological function, and building healthy bones. We also talked how about how vitamin D plays a vital role in DNA repair (D1).
As the conversation progressed, we defined what vitamin D is and highlighted the active metabolites that interact with VDR’s(Vitamin D receptors), receptors now known to be in almost every cell and, in every organ in the body. Furthermore, we reviewed the blood serum levels outlined by the Institute of Medicine that indicate the amount of available vitamin D present in the body, as well as the recommended daily intake to maintain healthy levels of the available metabolite circulating throughout the blood (D2). In addition, we highlighted the best sources of vitamin D from our environment and discussed warning signs of vitamin D deficiency (D3).
To conclude the series, we wanted to share some really neat ways you can monitor your own biomarkers. As more people are taking charge of their own health and nutrition, technology continues to develop new, more efficient ways to manage your health. Private online health labs now offer a variety of different biochemical tests complete with a full analytical profile of your results. These analytics allow you to identify trends, spot possible deficiencies, and even add a licensed dietitian, nutritionist or physician to consult with you on new strategies to optimize your health. Typically, with these services you select the panel of tests that you would like the lab to run and pay at checkout. The cost to perform the test varies based on the options and conditions you choose to test but, to have the basic panel tested (typical of screenings performed by a physician during an annual physical) the average cost is between $30-$60. For many of us, the service cost about as much as a typical doctor’s office copay! After checkout you receive an email with instructions and a lab requisition form. Next, you simply take the lab requisition to an approved health office to have your blood drawn and your lab results are posted securely to your online account within a few days. These online options are making it more affordable and more convenient for everyone to take charge of their own health.
A few online companies that offer lab screenings:

*Surgical Alternative is not affiliated with, nor do we endorse any of the company’s listed below. Our intent is to share information so that you can make better informed decisions about your health.

1. Wellness FX-

2. Direct Labs

3. Health One Labs

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