Where’s Your Head At? Part 1

Really, right now, where is your head at? Wherever you are, without much adjustment, just take this moment and notice where your head is resting.  Is it supported on top of your torso or cradled by your hand propped up by an elbow on the table? More importantly, when you look straight down, what do you see? Your stomach, your lap?

We live extremely forward driven lives. Almost everything we do pulls our head forward in front of our body.  Since the “body loves repetition,” as my teacher, would say, our necks remember the habit of pulling our head forward and will start to keep it there. The thing is, our vertebraes are not designed to maintain this imbalanced posture and our comfort so in time, something has got to give.

At Surgical Alternative we take all this into account when treating clients with neck and shoulder issues. When we help our clients rehabilitate from bad postural habits and injuries, we also are preventing the development of buldging/herniated discs, pinched nerves, chronic headaches and migraines, whiplash and more.

Check back for part two for when our technique distinguishes us from other massage therapists. We don’t do massage, we provide therapy.

We feel very fortunate and excited to do what we love to do, help others. We have been dealing with clients in severe pain for over 14 years now, that are suffering from herniated discs, bulging discs, hiatal hernias, peripheral nerve damage, nerve entrapments, pinched sciatic nerve issues, degenerative disk disease and many more symptoms that people think they either have to have surgery for or are told they just have to deal with the pain. We use a combination of deep tissues massages and cranial structural techniques to balance and align the body. The reason we started blogging was so that we could reach and help some of those people that suffer from these and many other painful conditions.   Surgical Alternative is now located in Lutz near New Tampa. We proudly service Tampa, St. Petersburg, Land O Lakes, New Port Richey, Wesley Chapel, Trinity and all surrounding areas. Please call today, or schedule your appointment online!