Brian Ratvasky LMT, CSP



Brian Ratvasky LMT, CSBP, CSP received his Massage Therapy Diploma from D.G. Erwin Technical Center in Tampa, Florida. This intensive program requires 750 hours of classroom and clinical hands-on training. Therapists graduating from this program are qualified,experienced and trained in a variety of therapeutic techniques. Florida State licensed, Brian is a member of Florida State Massage Therapy Association (FSMTA). He is also a Certified Cranial Structural Bodywork Practioneer  through the Surgical Alternative Institute.  Brian truly believes in the power of our therapy to help those in pain. Our use of Cranial Structural bodywork techniques help to rehabilitate the body, ease pain and promote a healthier more fulfilling life.
Brian had suffered from chronic sciatic pain and when first diagnosed over 6 years ago was directed by the hospital to have an immediate discectomy of his herniated lumbar disc (L5-S1). Rather than jumping into surgery he wanted to try a more holistic approach and studied and applied many therapies and self-help approaches to his condition. Chiropractic treatments, core training, and stretching therapies helped alleviate much of the sciatic pain however the affects did not last forever with these techniques alone.
Continuing on his search for a pain free life, Brian researched the role that stress and the mind plays in chronic pain and incorporated stress management techniques such as relaxation massage, myofascial release, and cognitive behavioral therapy which helped tremendously. While on his journey in becoming a licensed massage therapist, Brian was introduced to cranial therapy through CranioSomatics, through the class  he realized a significant change in his body, hip posture and flexibility. The relief of his sciatic condition was significant and the affects lasted. He then went on to receive his Certification in Cranial Structural Bodywork, which enhanced his understanding and techniques of cranial therapy, while combining it with the positive effects of advanced bodywork techniques and knew he found his place.
Brian is dedicated to helping people with chronic pain conditions and believes that his own journey has equipped him well to do so. He believes that no one type of therapy is a “fix-all” but that expensive and debilitating surgeries may potentially be avoided through a mutual client/therapist plan of Cranial therapy, bodywork, patient education and patient self-care.

Brian’s knowledge and dedication to our work, pushed him to become an assistant instructor and able to mentor our newer students. Book your session today.

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