Certified Therapists

Certification Name MA Phone City St Website
CSBA Beth Maberry 81765 863-528-8678 Tampa FL  dynamicrepose.com
CSBP(TA) Brian Ratvasky 81564 813-948-6300 Tampa FL surgicalalternative.com
CSBA Meghan Hornstrom 87611 813-563-9069 Tampa FL www.elementalevolution.yoga
CSBA Tolly Tucker 16467 321-432-9803 Rockledge FL tollytucker.com
CSBA Dawn C. Meyer 67581 321-261-5975 Cape Canaveral FL www.IAmPurpleDawn.com
CSBA Yolanda Wilson-Strudwick 48749 813-300-7256 Tampa FL
CSBA Elan Noel 80563 407-766-9722 Orlando FL

*CSBA (Cranial Structural Bodywork Associates)- Therapists have completed Cranial Fundamentals for Wellness level 1 & 2

*CSBP (Cranial Structural Bodywork Practioners)- Therapists is Certified having completed all training requirements which includes, 4 cranial and 2 bodywork workshops and demonstration of competency.

*TA (Teaching Assistant)- help assist in classroom/workshops training