Cranial Structural Bodywork Certifications

Cranial Structural Bodywork Certifications-

We currently offer two certifications in Cranial Structural Bodywork.

1) CSBA (Cranial Structural Bodywork Associate) $765

  • Requirements: Completion of Cranial Fundamentals for Wellness 1 & 2
  • Benefits of Certification-
    1. Certifications Certificate
    2. Listing on CSB website
    3. Increased credibility
    4. Enhanced professional reputation
    5. Right to use CSBA on marketing literature
    6. Personal accomplishment
    7. Supporting continued professional development through commitment to lifelong learning
    8. Increased opportunities for career advancement and/or increased earnings
    9. Validation of skills and knowledge

2) CSBP (Cranial Structural Bodywork Practitioner) $2075

  • Requirements: Completion of all workshop series (4 cranial and 2 bodywork) and demonstration of competency
  • Benefits of Certification-
    1. Framed Certificate
    2. Listing and promoted on website as certified practitioner
    3. Right to use CSBP on marketing literature
    4. Increased credibility
    5. Enhanced professional reputation
    6. Supporting continued professional development through commitment to lifelong learning
    7. Demonstrating a high level of commitment to the field of practice
    8. Demonstrating a higher level of knowledge and skill
    9. Increased earning potiental
    10. Validation of skills and knowledge
  • Ability to become a Teaching Assistant and future instructor
  •  Requirements:
    • Mastery of Material
    • Listen and answer Q and A in workshop environment
    • Ability to teach Cranial Structural Bodywork techniques effectively
    • Chance to be an approved instructor.
    • Ability to mentor others in your area
    • Become a “CSB insider” for brain storm meetings, round table discussions and newsletter contributions
    • Receive updates on material and bonus material
    • Receive discounts on future workshops
  • Franchise Opportunities

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