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Massage as Medicine


If any of you have read my blogs or know, you know that I prescribe to the thought of massage as alternative medicine.  A lot of the time when you mention massage people assume relaxation but the truth is most perform more types of therapeutic massage.  Many of the passionate one in our industry including [...]

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Vitamin D: Essential for Health (4 of 4)


Over the past month or so, we’ve touched on the importance of the steroidal hormone, vitamin D. We discussed the epigenetic role vitamin D plays in regulating potentially thousands of genes, catalyzing chemical reactions important in preventing certain cancers, maintaining healthy neurological function, and building healthy bones. We also talked how about how vitamin D [...]

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Post War Veterans invited for FREE PTSD Treatment


With July 4th passing last week, I was reminded of all of the veterans that have protected our rights as citizens of the United States.  During this month, I will be offering FREE therapy to veterans diagnosed with PTSD.  During your sessions we will be working to help issues such as insomnia, cramping, muscle pain, [...]

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder : Symptoms and Signs


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can occur when a person witnesses or experiences a traumatic event. It can affect even the strongest of people. According to the National Mental Health Association, 30% of people who have been directly involved in wars experience PTSD. Approximately 8% of people in the United States will experience post-traumatic stress disorder [...]

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