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Massage Therapist and client communication is optimum!

Good communication assists both the Massage Therapist and Client!

In any field , communication is key between customer and business.  Massage therapy is no different.  Last night I found this great article on the AMTA website of the importance between Massage Therapist and Client that I would like to share with you! According to a recent consumer survey by […]

Cnronic Neck Pain relief from Massage Therapy

How Massage Therapy assists with Chronic Neck Pain!

New Research shows how Massage Therapy can benefit clients suffering from chronic neck pain.  According to the study, chronic neck pain is number eight on the top ten disabilities in the United States and causes over 10 million medical care visits per year. The study came to the conclusion that […]

ATMA has released five ways massage can improve your health!

A lot of people still see massage a luxury; however, it can a very important element to your health regime.  The following is a list from the American Massage Therapy Association f five ways that massage therapy can improve your health: Massage lowers stress.  The physical and emotion pain caused […]

Massage Therapy has been found to help boost the immune system!

Recent medical research has found that massage therapy can help boost the immune system by restoring the natural flow of the body’s “T Cells”, which fight off viruses. In a recent study in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Researchers found that patients receiving Swedish Massages had a drastic […]