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Massage as Medicine


If any of you have read my blogs or know, you know that I prescribe to the thought of massage as alternative medicine.  A lot of the time when you mention massage people assume relaxation but the truth is most perform more types of therapeutic massage.  Many of the passionate one in our industry including [...]

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Vitamin D: Essential for Health (1 of 4)


In April of 2003, scientist speaking on behalf of the Human Genome Project announced they had reached their goal. The collaborative efforts of scientist from across the globe had successfully mapped the entire human genome, the DNA sequences that make up Homo sapiens. The research findings gave rise to a whole new set of fascinating [...]

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Running towards an Active Life!


Reaching the with help from Surgical Alternative, Massage Therapy of Tampa Bay! Surgical Alternative helping athletes with massage therapy in Tampa Bay! While searching through the Internet, I have found another great review.  This one comes from Brad on Facebook.     I saw Pam a few days before my first marathon and she [...]

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Good communication assists both the Massage Therapist and Client!


In any field , communication is key between customer and business.  Massage therapy is no different.  Last night I found this great article on the AMTA website of the importance between Massage Therapist and Client that I would like to share with you! According to a recent consumer survey by the American Massage Therapy Association® [...]

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