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Back Surgery – Risk vs. Reward


Back pain is an ailment that affects over 80% of the American population some point, leaving many of us with a very difficult choice.  In most cases, back surgery is considered only after all other options have been exhausted by all involved medical staff. I would also like to note that even if you have [...]

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Carpal Tunnel Surgery : Is it really necessary?


The over 27 bones in your hand and wrist that enable almost miraculous dexterity for one of the most used parts of our body. Naturally over years of misuse and abuse, there is a risk that: -Ligaments may loosen -Meniscus may deteriorate causing bones to rub against one another -Nerves may begin to become highly [...]

Carpal Tunnel Surgery : Is it really necessary?2021-03-22T17:00:49+00:00

Massage as Medicine


If any of you have read my blogs or know, you know that I prescribe to the thought of massage as alternative medicine.  A lot of the time when you mention massage people assume relaxation but the truth is most perform more types of therapeutic massage.  Many of the passionate one in our industry including [...]

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Another Great Review for Surgical Alternative! Thanks Charles!


While going through the Surgical Alternative Facebook Page last night I happen to find another review! I was so excited I just had to share it with you today! Pam is a talented and experienced massage therapist. ....really listens to her clients concerns and works to relieve pain. I enjoyed my time there and recommend [...]

Another Great Review for Surgical Alternative! Thanks Charles!2018-08-17T18:03:16+00:00
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