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How come Grandma can “FEEL” a storm coming? Maybe the Acute or Chronic Pain!


  Do you suffer from acute or chronic pain? Maybe the weather. The next time you watch the weather forecast, notice the barometric pressure. Numbers such as 30.04 will be followed by “rising,” “falling,” or “steady.” Typically, when a low pressure front is coming, it signals not only a change in the weather, but a [...]

How come Grandma can “FEEL” a storm coming? Maybe the Acute or Chronic Pain!2018-08-17T17:59:22+00:00

A New lease on Life-Pain Free


At Surgical Alternative our use of cranial structural bodywork has proven to be an effective treatment for many painful conditions. We love to share client stories that may help others that suffer from a similar painful condition and here is one of those examples. A client came in suffering from severe neck and shoulder pain. [...]

A New lease on Life-Pain Free2017-07-22T21:48:27+00:00

Pain, It’s all in Your Head? Not to Us!


Our clients come from all demographics and social economic backgrounds, all with the same issue, PAIN!  We understand the pain is real and can at times be debilitating. You've probably gone to a doctor, only to be prescribed something for your pain. The main issue is that, pain doesn't just go away. We maybe able to [...]

Pain, It’s all in Your Head? Not to Us!2016-09-22T23:02:24+00:00

Pinched Nerve/Nerve Entrapments -What causes them?


  Nerve entrapment is commonly referred to as a pinched nerve.  A pinched nerve is caused when a nerve is somehow damaged or injured by compression or direct pressure, not allowing the nerve to properly conduct a signal. There are many causes for a pinched nerve depending on where the nerve resides in the body. For instance, a pinched nerve in [...]

Pinched Nerve/Nerve Entrapments -What causes them?2018-08-17T18:00:05+00:00
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