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Surgical Alternative- Rehabilitate your Pain


At Surgical Alternative our main goal is to rehabilitate your pain. People come see us for many different reasons. A lot of times, we're the last option because they’ve done all the traditional western medicine they know to do.  When their condition first started they stretched, they iced and took it easy for a little [...]

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Sciatica Pain- How to get relief! Part 1


When I was in massage school, we were taught that sciatica (shooting nerve pain that travels down the back of the leg) was most often caused by a tight hip rotator muscle called the piraformis ( a muscle in the gluteal region of the lower limb).  The piraformis connects our tailbone (or sacrum) to the top of our femur (or [...]

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Sciatica- A pain you don’t have to live with!


There are many times, when I am crossing the parking lot of a store and I observe people walking with pain or discomfort.  I see them walking with a limp, walking slowly, holding a shopping cart and wincing because of the severe pain they are experiencing.  I often think about speaking with them to let [...]

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